Spoonie Retirement week 3 — It is what it is

View out my front door 10.22.2020

Well last week was what it was. Massive cold front arrived bringing several inches of snow, the second already for this season. The week brought more doctors appointments, one via telemed, and the second was my actual MRI. Telemed with Superhubs’ neurologist went well. Basically nothing new, he can try driving again in a few weeks. No changes to meds or therapies, basically, at this stage, it is what it is.

Finally completed my cardiac MRI. It took two rounds of contrast and a full 90 minutes in the tube but they got some good images. The scan shows evidence of an infiltrative disease, possibly sarcoidosis (duh). It is well contained and shows no signs of recent progression. Bottom line, continue with current treatment plan, (drugs and monitoring) and see how it goes. It is what it is.

We continue to work on new life schedules. Having worked a seasonal job for years, it always takes me a few weeks to adjust to not having the routine of work to guide me. I should probably mention somewhere along the line that my retirement was medically motivated. I’m actually almost 3 years short of “full retirement age” but with my medical concerns, as well as Superhubs need for on-going care, working 6-8 hours a day just doesn’t … work. So, early retirement it is. It’s taking some adjustment but I’m confident it was the right decision.

My activities for this week included lots of pantry work and kitchen experimentation. Not a lot of exercise as the roads and walkways are still quite slippery. We did get out for a few short walks and enjoyed the invigorating air. Covid continues to be a major issue here in SD, the number of active cases rising rapidly as flu season begins with no closures to speak of. On the advice of our medical teams, we’re staying in as much as possible and enjoying the lovely quiet. Our shopping routine has changed quite a bit in the past year to accommodate more limited access to stores. More about that later. How’s your week been?

I’m Still Standing – Johnny (Taron Egerton) from Sing!

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

One thought on “Spoonie Retirement week 3 — It is what it is

  1. Pleased to hear you’re doing well. I’m doing well too. Though now I’m having to fit my walks around rain-sodden days. I don’t mind the rain. but I don’t like the photographic results.


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