Spoonie Saturday – Not just tired but RE-tired!

WOW, it’s been a crazy kind of week. I’ve worked as hard or harder in my first week of retirement as I ever did at “work,” well, almost. Chez Spoons is a 32′ 5th Wheel RV trailer. Tiny but happily functional. However, RV living requires some adjustments especially when you live in a cold weather area. Winter temps here are below freezing most nights from Nov. through March and well into April. May blizzards are not unheard of.

Last week, we began our winterizing and preparation work. We moved over to the “winter site” October 1. These sites have a heat rod dropped in the water line and extra insulation around the spigots to keep the water from freezing. They also have the “big” lines winterized to keep the water coming all winter long, other water lines are shut down and blown out to remove the chance of freeze up and water line breakage. Less than 20% of the park stays open during the winter.

So, last week we moved, then immediately started our own winterizing process. The weather held good and we were able to get the RV washed which involves a long handled brush, a bucket of soapy water, and a hose. Yeah, we do it the old fashioned way. Our RV is about 13 ft. tall so working those delts and lats … (grimace). We also washed the car. Whew! After a day to rest and let the wind die back down, we tackled the skirting. We have custom-made vinyl skirting for our RV which is a lot simpler to install than conventional paneling and looks pretty darned nice if I say so myself. Putting it up is simple, but a lot of work. It involves laying out a whole lot of vinyl, sweeping any residual dirt, then fitting it to the button hooks that attach it to the RV. The sides that extend over the grass are then staked down with HUMONGOUS nails (well that’s what they look like). Then comes the fun part. On the sides of the RV that are over the concrete pad, the skirting has to be weighted down from the underside. This involves crawling under the RV and positioning sandbags on top of the skirting under flaps to keep everything in place. Yeah, it’s a big job for a couple of 60-something spoonies. Afterwards we treated ourselves to tea, tylenol, hot showers and a day “off” from heavy work. I must say I worked muscles I had forgotten about. It feels really good though to know that we can do it, that we’re still strong and independent enough to do this stuff.

The next two days were spent tinkering, adjusting, and hooking up the heated water hose. I also managed to do the pantry cooking including soup for the week, bulk breakfasts, grocery shopping, and meal planning. A very full, very satisfying week all in all.

So how about you? Are you getting ready for winter? Stocking the pantry? Cleaning the garden?

What we’re listening to right now:

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

2 thoughts on “Spoonie Saturday – Not just tired but RE-tired!

  1. So funny how much I relate! As my husband neared his retirement, we began liquidating our horse ranch, put the farm up for sale and bought a 46′, 5 slide out, 5th wheel and a new F350 4×4.
    We traveled and settled in The Lake Of The Ozarks, living in ours for 3 months with our 2 great danes and mini schnauzer. I was glad when we bought our house, to spread out. But, I cannot say that I don’t miss it.

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  2. It’s always good to push the body… providing you don’t overdo it. And I was with you every step of the way. Welcome to the busy world of Retirees. Forget about rest. Its gonna be active all the way now

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