Hazy Spoonless Days and Cardiac Sarcoidosis


“I talk a good game
for someone who topples over
putting on her underpants.” ~JPP

It’s been a tough summer here at Chez Spoons. The weather is wretched, smoke creates a smoggy haze, I wheeze, and debilitating fatigue is the order of the day. Summer flares are no fun and this particular one involves a flare up of cardiac symptoms. Hard to diagnose, near impossible to treat. So I do what Spoonies do best, I survive. I ride the wave of fatigue, don’t fight, just keep afloat and let it pass. My creative muse has deserted me. By mid afternoon I find myself spoonless and unable to do more than breathe and maybe blink. I force my way through the steps I have to take to stay “functional” like yoga, walking, meditating and proper diet. Then I collapse into bed and get up and do it all over again. Mind numbing routine guides me as I wait for the wave to carry me back to shore.

Red Sails in the Sunset – The Platters

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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