Normal Magic

3.15.20 sunrise

Lillian is the host of Open Link Night on dVerse Poets Pub and one of her sayings is Normal” is a setting on a dryer.(lillian) Which got me to thinking about my own sayings that I use a LOT right now. One of which is: “Average is a mathematical equation; normal is an illusion.” (JPP). So in honor of all the times people have said to me “this is the new normal” only to hear “normal is an illusion” I give you …

Normal Magic

They call it the new normal
for me it’s another day
of masks and social distance
and, really, that’s Okay

Normal never did mean
all that much to me
it’s just a grand illusion
whose source I cannot see

So I walk my path alone
isolation’s not so tough
for I have magic in my veins
and for me that’s quite enough

Secret Garden – Nocturne (Lyric Video) ft. Anne Takle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

6 thoughts on “Normal Magic

  1. So like this, it made me happy. Isn’t it interesting that so many people keeping their own company are starting to look sideways at ‘normal’?


  2. LOVE it! Perfect for the Age of Covid…..actually, perfect for any time! My perception is that far too often we allow others to define what our “normal” should be. And aren’t we each a unique individual after all?

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  3. I’ve always like words like normal or average and I kind of resent the contemporary interpretation of not good enough.
    Like when Norm Peterson used to walk in the bar on the TV show, Cheers, everyone shouted “Norm!” Like, ‘Norm is here so all is right with the world.’
    Magic in the veins is indeed quite enough. Well done and above average, JPP. 🙂

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