Sunday Stills — Heart of water

The Sunday Stills prompt for this week is water world.

I have been around water most of my life, it’s where I tend to be most content. Sitting on a beach watching waves, perched on a rock in the river, watching clouds float across the sky, water everywhere. Water can be calm and reflective, it can be fun and playful, it can be frightening in it’s power. It is exhilarating and soothing at the same time. Now I was born on a water/air cusp so maybe my affinity is astrological or maybe, just maybe I have the heart of a mermaid. 🙂

5.24.20 sunset on the water
Sunset on Waikiki

A Perfect Moment

Sitting on a Rock in the middle of a river
One sultry August afternoon
The Summer sun warm on my face
The mountain water cold on my dangling feet
Ducks swim in the shade of a weeping willow
At the river’s edge
A summer breeze sings through the tree tops
And dances with the slender aspens
Against an Azure sky
For a moment, life is …… perfect

5.24.20 surf
Surf on Oahu

Master of Tides – Lindsey Stirling

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

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