MLMM’s Monday Wordle 4.27.20

wordle 4.27.20

For MLMM’s Monday Wordle

Today’s words: Time, Grass, Bird, Steel, Break, Highway, Chronaxie– the least amount of time the brain must send a signal to a part of the body for it to actually take action, Romance, Smooth, Spoon, Indigo, Bluster


Running at breakneck speed
down the highway of romance
bodies spooned together
smooth coolness of spring flowers

in less than a chronaxie, hearts falter
as emotions bluster against
the ravages of time
on the indigo sea of tears
abandoned and alone

on a bed of steel grass
the black bird caws
it’s haunting refrain
a bawdy counterpoint of pain

Seven Spanish Angels — Ray Charles & Willie Nelson

Til next time ~Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay Sanitized ~JPP

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