What Day Is It Anyway? — Coping with Covid 4/15/20

3.25.20 bill the cat

What Day Is It Anyway? — Coping with Covid 4/15/20

Today is “tax day” in the US. That day when federal and state income tax returns, estimated payments, IRA contributions are all due. Except that this year they’re … not. All tax related deadlines have been postponed to July 15. But I am not concerned. I’m practicing “life as normal as possible” so I will go ahead and file today, electronically. We have a monthly visit to the health food coop planned for tomorrow, hoping to score the fresh needs for this month.

I’ve purchased and/or made several cloth face masks which I wear every time I go out of my house. I’m taking a bit of gaff for it from our local residents but, honestly, I don’t give a rat’s patootie about their opinion. I’m dealing with a spring flare right now which has hit me HARD! Not just the cough, fatigue and muscle pain either. It’s broken out in my skin … again. Sarcoidosis/lupus skin outbreaks are painful, and this time they have elected to attack the bottoms of my toes! “Burning Feet Syndrome” is not as funny as it sounds. The neuropathy pain is not pins and needles but the actual sensation of burning. I totally empathize with the Salem Witches!

Life goes on, as we all adjust to our new “normal”s. Stay Safe.

Room on Fire — Stevie Nicks

Til next time ~Keep your head down and your pantry full ~JPP

5 thoughts on “What Day Is It Anyway? — Coping with Covid 4/15/20

    1. Rapid City, SD. It’s some of the 40-50 somethings (who think they’re immortal) saying things like “you know that’s not going to keep you from getting the virus” to which I respond “it’s not to protect me, it’s to protect YOU… cough cough cough” that usually shuts them up. All of the grocery and food drive thrus are wearing them. It’s funny but it you go to the grocer during “old people hours” EVERYBODY going in or out is wearing a mask. Other times of day younger people, not a mask in sight. *grumble grumble stupid humans grumble grumble* 😉


  1. I guess we’ll be taking over the world again! I grew up 150 miles east of Rapid City. It was our go to town for eye doctors. We went to Pierre for the rest as our little town had very little of anything except two food stores, a Gambles, restaurants and a bar.


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