What Day Is It Anyway – Coping with Covid day 12

Guard bunny
about the photo: Guard Bunny on duty

What Day Is It Anyway – Coping with Covid – day 12

It’s been a pretty quiet day here. My pandemic panic seems to be calming down a bit with the help of copious quantities of GABA Calm (a supplement I take when my nerves get the better of me). We got out for a really nice walk early this morning and sat in the sun for a time this afternoon. More and more people are pulling into the park which is both exciting and frightening. We have children back in Kentucky which has enacted a non-essential travel ban, asking people not to travel out of state unless it’s for specific reasons.

Here we’re planning a quick trip into the health food coop that we belong to early tomorrow morning. They’re opening the store up an hour early on certain days for “immune compromised” coop members.  It’s been about a month since we went brick and mortar grocery shopping so yeah it’s time. Dear friends have kindly picked up a few things for us here and there but the refrigerator is looking pretty bare. We will only be making the one store stop, then drive thru post office and library for drop offs.

For now, we’re just hanging at home, taking care of each other. Hope all is well with you, wherever in the world you may be.

Til next time ~Hang in there, summer’s comin’ ~JP

Summer in the City — The Lovin’ Spoonful

11 thoughts on “What Day Is It Anyway – Coping with Covid day 12

  1. Glad you are finding your equilibrium in all of this. Sad and scary times. But hey! Thanks for sharing one of my favorite songs of Summer for all time! That made me smile! Especially since walking isn’t happening until the wind stops. We had almost all weather today with rain, snow, and sleet. And always wind. No warm sun,.Thankd for reminding me that it is still coming!


      1. *grumble, grumble* can’t get out of town to walk the greenways, take beautiful photos. Silver lining, gives my back time to heal (a recurring problem that’s flared up again)

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