What Day Is It Anyway? — Coping with Covid – day 7

stressed blessed

Well it’s been a week since I’ve had any outside human contact. I’m actually very fortunate, Superhubs and I have each other. Still feeling weak and have ever present cough. Cold and wet again today so we’ll see what the day brings on the exercise front. I saw the above on pinterest yesterday and I’ve decided that I need to change my focus. I’m adding to my gratitude list each day at least one good thing that’s come from the current Covid-19 crisis. For today, I’m very gateful for Youtube, yeah you read that right. I’ve found lots of fun and educational stuff I never would have even looked for if this crisis hadn’t forced me to find new distractions. This is one of my new found favs.

Truth Well Told Tarot on Youtube go check it out, you know you want to.

What kind of stuff are you using as distractions?

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

One thought on “What Day Is It Anyway? — Coping with Covid – day 7

  1. With no tv… nope, not even radio… YouTube is my go-to. News, opinions, lectures from Yale and Harvard, talks from Penn Museum, entertainment for every taste, health support and answers… you name, YouTube provides it. But with any media, it has its share of scammers and cranks.

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