Monday Window – Fear

3.26.20 Afraid
About the photo: Fear Factory year round haunted house in Queenstown, NZ. Revived from an old haunted hotel, you can read more about it here.

For Ludwig’s Monday Window challenge


Ran out of toilet paper
afraid I won’t find more
running out of vegetables
afraid of grocery stores
out of social contact
afraid of being bored
found last hand sanitizer
at least that’s one I scored

My Corona — Chris Mann

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

14 thoughts on “Monday Window – Fear

    1. Best of luck with that. We have a friend picking up frozen veggies for this week. Being advised to “stay home” has it’s draw backs. I think that’s what I miss the most, the freedom of just walking through a store, picking what looks good and cooking from there. Think I’ll bake some low-carb muffins today. πŸ™‚

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      1. We’re on “controlled carb” here with daily carb counts between 40 – 65. Prefer fresh but it’s been hard to come by lately. Frozen is my next choice but we have a teeny, tiny freezer (within the refrigerator not a separate unit). Fortunately, we have a mail order place we use for nuts. We eat LOTS of nuts. hmmmmm I wonder if there’s a hidden meaning in that? lol

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      2. Me too eat loads of nuts: pecan, pistashio and hazelnuts. I don’t know what my carb count is these days. When I first started doing keto I was very severe with myself, but I’m more relaxed now. I allow myself a potato twice a week, and a daily handful of either blackberries or blueberries. And the rest of the carbs come from the nuts. Guess that’s pretty low. I have trouble getting excited about veg. I used to love all kinds of brassicas, but now my intestines won’t tolerate them, and neither beans. So, salad veggies… I love lettuces of evey variety.. leeks, egglants, carrots, aparagus but I’m off that at the moment. I’m healthy, as long as I stick to it. Before? 15 years of ME/CFS, resulting in diabetes II (now in abeyance, hopefully gone) hypertension, now back to its extremely low level, skin wonderfully soft without use of any products… cos I’m allergic to them all! Hair shines.

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      3. That is so awesome we eat all kinds of nuts too my current favs are macadamia and almonds. Hubs had MS related diabetes which was nicely controlled with a pill and diet until the brain surgery, he’s still on injections but at 1/4 dose we’re working to get him back off the needle. If I take his carb count too low he starts losing weight which he can’t afford. I use low carb to control my auto immune issues. One thing for sure I breathe better!


      4. Gosh, yes, breathing! At my last medical my blood oxygen level was 99% perfect. The nurse declared my asthma *controlled*. And since I’ve avoided all sources of gluten I don’t have the muscle and joint pains of yesteryear… which isn’t to say I’m not capable of misaligning a joint or pulling a muscle. But, generally, whizzoo!!!!

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  1. Scary windows, those. Neat photo. But, you are right, there are scarier things these days. Running out of tp being one. When all the closets are full, the scarcities will wane. I hope that’s soon. Best to you! Thank you!

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