Silent Spring

This wonderful poem just says it all for me today. Do check out firewordsblog you’ll not regret it. 🙂

Firewords that light up the world.

photography of rainbow during cloudy sky Photo by Alex on
In the midst of turmoil
We walk alone
We step cautiously outside
Onto empty streets
Our hearts yearning for human touch


Above the city sky
A lonely plane drones above
Citizens desperate to get home
Before they close the airport for good
Before they close the border
And set up check points in the square

And yet
I hear the birds
The waves of the lake
The sky is pale
A clear and
Silent spring is reversing history

We boomers were warned
Sure, we marched for peace
Sat cross-legged listening to folks songs
With flowers in our hair

But the bills came and went
Children got their caps and gowns
Puffed with pride
We set aside
Our nest eggs
Made of paper gold
Our hippy dreams had long since died

Oh throw your windows
Open wide
Nothing but fresh air outside

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