dVerse Quadrille – Peel Back the Layers

snakeskin-Image by sandid from Pixabay
Image by sandid from Pixabay

Mish is hosting dVerse Quadrille this week and has beckoned us with the prompt of “peel.” Late winter in the Black Hills with spring just around the corner is all about change, peeling back the layers of winter snow to catch a glimpse of the promise of warmer days to come.

Peel Back the Layers

Slither out
of yesterday’s dream
peel back the layers
and start again
like a snake whose skin
has grown too tight
peel back the layers
of the inevitable
march of time
peel back the layers
one by one
learning to walk
before we run

word count 44

Old Hippie – Bellamy Brothers

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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