Monday Window — Lament of a Star

2.24.20 kaikoura NZ
View from the passenger’s window – Kaikoura, NZ (before the quake)

For Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge. I was stargazing last night, something I like to do whenever the weather permits. Just before true dark I spied Venus continuing her path through Aries, and Rigel burning brightly at the base of Orion. Then my eyes wandered to the dimming specter of Betelgeuse the red star on Orion’s shoulder.

The rain will come, and the seeds will sprout, for the dark is the soil in which they grow, and it is the clouds above them, and it waits behind the star that gives them light. The dark’s patience is infinite. Eventually, even stars burn out.” –Matthew Stover – Revenge of the Sith

Lament of a Star

Lavender skies above me
in the window between
dusk and dark
Venus shines brightly
Rigel lovingly winks
while Betelgeuse breathes
his last

Starry, Starry Night — Don McLean

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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