What Do You See – Redo – Princesses at Play

wdys 2.19.20 - more moments

OK so I don’t normally do “redos” … but I’m making an exception for the What Do You See Challenge this week. Although I needed to write “Moments for Choices” it’s tragic and well… sad. So here is a different take on What I See. You can read another short take on Mrowl in the 2/9/20 WDYS challenge.

Princesses at Play

Princess Willowhair dashed through the corridors of the castle, giggling and screeching with wild toddler delight. Behind her ran her guardian, a large cricat known as Mrowl, Princess of the Crystal Paws Clan. Cricats were a large species of feline with silky fur and crystalline eyes. Many of the cricat clans were bound to the great houses of the Davarian Empire and Queen Subilliet loved them for their sheer beauty and intelligence. She watched with amusement as her only child streaked naked through the halls. With two final great bounds, Mrowl was within distance and pounced on the little princess bringing her down on the padded carpet outside the royal nursery. Willowhair wriggled and laughed as Mrowl dragged her rough tongue across the little princess’ nose. “Gotcha!” Mrowl purred in her silky voice, gently herding the wayward princess back to her mother.

word count 142

Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly – Cinderella 2015

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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