Spoonie Sunday — Recovering

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Greetings fellow spoonies and not spoonies. How’s your weekend shaping up? Here at chez spoons we have a light dusting of snow, just enough for prettiness, not enough to mess with the roads. As most of you know, I’m recovering from “major surgery.” ‘Nuff said.

So, I’m dealing with recovery, AND a cold/flare. Don’t know which but I have a bunch of symptoms that ARE related to the surgery (general exhaustion and some pain) and a whole lot of symptoms that AREN’T related to the surgery. The sniffles, congestion, cough (ouch!) achy muscles and joints, general BLEEEEKKKK feeling and brain fog. Anyway, the point isn’t so much what’s causing the various symptoms, it’s more what the heck to do about them.

Self care, self care, and MORE self care. I’ve let my self care routines slip the past few months and it’s time to shake them off and focus on my health. Now, I have no scientific evidence of this but I believe that my yin/yang energies are out of balance. Specifically I’m drastically low in yin (feminine) energies and although I am being treated with HRT for the worst of the symptoms, I prefer a more holistic approach. So, I’m experimenting with some new things.

Diet — I have recommitted to a low carb diet. Superhubs is diabetic so this makes meal planning easier and I’ve always felt better low carb. I’m also tracking my food again. I seem to have a problem with “portion distortion” and it helps keep me honest. If you’re interested, I use the New Atkins program (all free!) check it out.

Supplemental diet info — I use at least 1 tablespoon of flax meal daily, eat fish several times per week, limit junk food (even low carb bars), drink at least 80 ounces of water a day and eat one ounce of dark (over 70% cocoa) chocolate a day.

Music — Daily I listen to some “positive energy” music to help raise my vibrations.

528 Hz Positive Energy via you tube

Sleep — I’m trying to sleep a bit more, rest a lot more. I was unprepared for how exhausted I would feel and for how long. Dr.’s advice makes sense “sleep more, take naps, take it easy.”

Well I’ve rambled on long enough spoonies. The take away from today, when faced with illness, recovery and flares, practice the three R’s.

Research, Rest, and Recuperate.

Til next time ~Spoonies Unite (if we’re up to it, and the weather’s good, and there’s adequate parking. Maybe we should just skype) ~JPP


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