Spoonie Sunday – JusJoJan 19 – Gratitude and gobbledygook

For Linda’s JusJoJan prompt for January 19th, 2020, “gobbledygook.” Use the word “gobbledygook” any way you’d like. Today’s prompt is brought to us by Jim.

Spoonie Gratitude

“Gratitude is a choice I can make every day.” My dear Mother sent me a kitchen towel with that slogan on it many years ago during a particular low point in my life. Back then I was an arrogant 30-something with a career, children to raise and stuff to do. I regarded that precious slogan as a bunch of gobbledygook, nonsense meant for the weak willed.

Less than 10 years later the moment came. You know the moment that stops you in your tracks as your whole world spins round and round while your family doctor repeats the words “there is still hope.” Now call me crazy but “there is still hope” is not a comfort sentence.

The next morning I did something I hadn’t done in years. I offered up to the heavens a tiny prayer that I call “Joe’s Prayer.” It had been a long time since I’d prayed and this was all I could manage. It was enough.

“Dear God whose name I do not know, thank You for my life. I forgot how BIG … Thank You for my life.”

Yep it’s from the movie “Joe vs. the Volcano.”

The point is that faced with the possible loss of the very life I had taken for granted and lamented the sorry state of, I was grateful. For the first time in a long time and every day since. You see, Mother was right, gratitude is a CHOICE and I can make that choice every day, and I do.

“There is no scarcity except in our souls”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

But … knew that was coming didn’t you? It is easy to see my rich abundance of blessing when I ask myself the gratitude questions, “Do you have a warm home? Food on the table? Clothes to wear? A regular income?” “Family to love and be loved by?” I feel all my blessings. But when I get to “Do you have your health?” I get befuddled. Because, you see, I don’t. Then I get focused on what I don’t have. I lament the endless appointments, medications and procedures. My focus shifts to lack and I lose my grateful abundance. I have decided that this must stop. Every day I list 5 things I am grateful for. Today I’ve started making at least 2 of those gratitude items about my illness/disease and body. Because my fellow spoonies and not spoonies, how can we be grateful for all that we have if we’re not grateful for all that we are. So go … grab your gratitude journal, or start one right now. List five things your grateful for. Today my list includes acetaminophen (hey it helps), and the laughter Superhubs and I shared about the problems of foot neuropathy.

Live like you were dyin’ – Tim McGraw

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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