JusJoJan 10 – Dogs

jusjojan 2020

Our JusJoJan prompt today was selected by Di at pensitivity101. Thanks! Do pop over and visit her blog and follow her while you’re there you’ll not regret it. 😉

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 10th, 2020, is “dogs.” Use the word “dogs” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Image by ucim-bizuli from Pixabay

“It’s just a dog.” Noemei’s voice held a combination of disregard and pity.

Navro squatted next to the animal and scratched it’s ears. “I’m not so sure,” he mused. “I feel something, more.” Navro looked into the animal’s eyes an odd color of bluish grey.

Noemei watched the exchange, never removing her hand from her short sword. “Well, what kind of dog is it then?”

Without warning, Navro released his grip on the dog and stumbled back. He turned to Noemei with a smile. “Not a dog at all,” he turned back to address the animal in a friendly tone “are you boy?”

The animal shook himself as if shaking water from it’s coat. Noemei watched in disbelief as the tail lengthened, sprouting scales and a barbed stinger. The animal grew taller, the fur thinned to revealed a heavily muscled frame while two slender horns swept back from behind his ears.

“Chimera,” Noemei gasped, drawing her sword and crouching into a fighters stance.

Rob Allen Chimera render

“Oh be still,” Navro urged “he’s just a pup. And a friendly pup at that.” The Chimera inclined his head toward Navro for more scratching.

“Brroeufff” came a deep growling sound from the Chimera’s throat.

“Bruff. His name is Bruff, Noemei.” Bruff waggled his tail and rubbed more deeply into Navro’s head scratching. Navro stood and walked back toward the fire. “Come Bruff, let’s see to supper.”

“You’re NOT keeping that thing!” It was combination of question and declaration. Navro had always been intrigued by the way she could do that.

“It’s not a question of me keeping him, I think he’s keeping us.” Navro smiled at Bruff and then at Noemei.

Bruff’s tongue lolled out in a distinctly doggie grin.

word count 284

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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