The Really You Challenge

really you

Rory has some interesting questions on The Really You challenge, I’m game. (hardeharharhar)

How much Television [alternatively films through the PC/DVD’s or Streamed TV] do you watch per week, month or year?

I don’t watch regularly programmed TV, at all. Haven’t hooked up the cable in over 13 years. We do watch one episode of various old TV shows per evening as part of our night time routine. On Saturdays we splurge and watch a DVD movie. Total less than 7 hours per week. Although now that I read that my inner accountant is going WHOA!!! YOU’RE WASTING 366 HOURS of your year on mindless viewing, surely that time can be put to better use. Hmmmmm we’ll have to see.

How do you keep yourself entertained?

We play computer games. I do mostly RPGs (not on-line), but not a lot. Mostly, I use them for character development for various stories. I learn a lot about my character by building one in a game and then putting them through the paces so to speak.

I read, a LOT. I read everything, sci-fi, swords and horses, high fantasy, a little romance, a few thrillers, self discovery. I have to be kind of careful as some books can send me into a PTSD flashback, yeah weird I know, the really awful part is that I can’t stop reading, even though I know I’m not going to be able to sleep for a week.

I cook, I research and learn stuff, we walk a lot, do yoga. So many things I love to do, so many I’d love to do more of. I’m always entertained, I am very self sufficient that way.

How do you prevent yourself from becoming bored and do you suffer from boredom a lot?

Did you read answer # 2? I am so entertained by so many different aspects of my life, heck I can be entertained by staring out my window watching the deer graze. So, no, not a lot of boredom here. I do, however, suffer from “gypsy soul” which means I sometimes have an insatiable desire to wander about, visit new places, and see new things. We travel quite a lot both in the US and internationally so I usually get my fill.

So that’s it, a little more about the really real me. 🙂 Thanks Rory, this was an eye opener.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

7 thoughts on “The Really You Challenge

  1. Yep, that’s much like mine… except I probably watch an hour a day of various documentaries and reports on YouTube, and less often watch a DVD, and I don’t do the computer games. I read etc, that sections the same.

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    1. I read a lot more than I do games, the games are really a kind of character research. I recently discovered that Star (my protagonist) prefers daggers and a wand to her sturdy staff. Hmmpf, who’d thought. Darned story characters kind of take on a life of their own after awhile. lol

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      1. Tell me about it. When I’m approaching a new story I interview the main characters. It’s amazing what they tell me. Though much of it doesn’t enter the story as such, their past history helps me to map out their future.

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