dVerse Poets Quadrill – Dancing in the Glow

campfire Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

Lillian is hosting dVerse Poets Pub final Quadrille of 2019 and asks us to glow with the season. “Write a quadrille (a poem of EXACTLY 44 words, not including the title) AND include the word “glow” or a form of the word within the body of the poem. A synonym for glow does not fulfill the prompt. It must be the word, or a form of the word.”

Dancing in the Glow

Waning moonlight shines
on the forest below
painted now and covered
with icicles and snow
wild dancing ’round
the firelight’s glow
the winter pixies
perform their show
but old Mother Winter
doesn’t watch alone
I gaze in silent wonder
frost nipping at my nose

Word count 44

And Winter Came – Enya

Til next time ~ May the joy of the holidays glow in your heart ~JPP

(Sorry couldn’t resist) 😉

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