Proper Milk – a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 12.13.19

“PROPER MILK!” Betty gasped when she read the sign.

Wanderer was not so enthusiastic. She was as sick of the replicator goo that passed for “food” as the full humans, but she was leery. How could this one little farm in the middle of nowhere have escaped the invasion that had left the entire area barren? At her command the entire group stealthily made their way to the opening in the trees where she saw the farmhouse in ruins, corpses still where they had fallen. Wanderer sighed, another burial detail, but perhaps there would be something left in the barn.

word count 100

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #57 – do pop over and give some of the outstanding contributions a read.

Skye Boat Song – Ella Roberts

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

10 thoughts on “Proper Milk – a Crimson Creative Challenge

      1. Believe it or not, I’m more of a High Fantasy reader, along with quite a bit of sci fi and (don’t laugh) steampunk. I just seem to have a penchant for writing the whole post apocalyptic thing, it’s that dark imagination of mine 😉

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      2. Most of the decent Steampunk I’ve found is in the YA section, which does not bother me at all. Currently reading Kady Cross Steampunk Chronicles which is kind of a Xmen goes victorian kind of thing. Gosh how I miss David Eddings! 😉

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