Spoonie Sunday – Aromatherapy massage (the final chapter)


Well I guess we’ve all had about enough of aromatherapy and essential oils use but I just couldn’t go without mentioning this important aspect. I’m a big believer in massage. All massage, therapy massage, self massage, shiatsu massage, swedish massage … OK you get the idea. I’m a fan.

I use light massage on Superhubs legs and feet to aid in the recovery of circulation and muscle tone from the strokes and the effects of diabetes. I must say it’s been quite effective.

This is my personal oil formulation but there are oh so many others, a quick google or pinterest search will yield more than you can ever use.

massage oil

I also find that self massage is one of the more effective means of coping with my disease(s). I use self massage for improved lymph drainage, stress relief, and pain relief. These are the three of the major issues I deal with on a daily basis.

I use the same basic oil, or I’ll play around with more floral scents for a more relaxing self massage oil. Reaction to scent is very personal and what one person finds pleasing can send another into a fit of sneezing so make small batches and play around until you find a combination you find soothing. Here are a few techniques I use and videos I’ve found helpful.

While doing self massage, I like to listen to soft, soothing music. I am particularly fond of a piece by Enya titled Shepherd Moons.

Til next time ~May the spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP

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