Thankful Heart – a Grateful Haibun


Frank J. Tassone is hosting over at dverse poets pub for Haibun Monday and Frank bids us consider gratitude.

“This week, let us consider gratitude: Its essence, those reasons we have for feeling it, and what our lives—and our world—may look like if we live it.”

With so many blessings, so much gratitude, where do we start?

I watch the snow falling outside the window, covering the landscape in fluffy down. A winter wonderland just beyond the glass, there for my entertainment while I sit warm and snug in my home. A young buck turns his head to look through my window and I am grateful for the beauty of the moment.

The news is filled with horror and grief. Wasted lives and sorrow so profound I wonder how this world continues to carry the burden of so much pain. Forests burned to cinders, villages reduced to rubble by the vagaries of war. The homeless woman freezes to death on a temple doorstep. I am shocked, appalled, and grateful that my family is warm and fed.

So many blessings of a joyful life. The times when illness washes over me like a wave, crashing at my heart, engulfing my soul. Then too, I am grateful. Like the sword, I am grateful for the anvil of life, and the hammer of disease that has forged me into the woman I am right now. And when my life is over I know I’ll look back and relish every laugh, every tear and I’ll be grateful for every moment.

Let it be said that
she left the game well played with
gratitude of heart

word count 214

Til next time ~JPP

“If the only prayer you ever said was ‘thank you’ that would be enough” ~ Meister Eckhart


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