Spoonie Sunday – aromatherapy continued (again)


Yes, yes I know, I’m a bit obsessed with aromatherapy. There’s a reason for it though, it’s the single biggest weapon in my spoonie arsenal. I use it a LOT, I mean like daily. Today I’m going to share a little about skin application of essential oils. Now please, please, please remember the weasel words, I am not a medical professional, an aromatherapist, or expert of any kind. The recipes and ideas presented here are strictly my own personal observations and practices. Always be sure to check with your health care professional and/or certified aromatherapist before proceeding with any new program.

One additional disclaimer here. Some people use essential oils applied directly to the skin. I use that method only with a very few oils and only for very specific purposes. I practice and highly recommend the use of carrier oils. The recipes I’m posting today are for roller ball applicators. Those nifty little bottles with a metal or plastic ball in the tip that allow you to just roll on your perfume or oils. They are AWESOME for a couple of reasons, first is ease of use. Even with my jabberwocky joints I can pretty easily rub the roller ball over the affected area. Second it’s a way to extend the life of my oils. Let’s face it essential oils in the varieties and quantities I use them are NOT cheap, but that’s another subject for another day. Without further ado, a couple of roller ball recipes I use daily.

I use this every night on whatever hurts the worst. Usually my wrists and finger joints although often times my left calf as well.

muscle joint rub

The next one I rub into my chest every night. Helps relieve congestion in my lungs and nose, the cinnamon gives it a pleasant slight warming sensation.

Breathe blend

Note, while these are fairly mild and well diluted mixtures, always apply to a small section of your skin and check for reactions before regular usage.

Up next week, massage oils.

Til next time ~May the spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP

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