Spoonie Life Lyric – an imitation lyric poem


Frank Hubeny is hosting at dVerse Poets Pub and in critiques and craft asks us to practice the imitation of a favored style of poetry.

I have always loved the style of lyric poetry. Often transmuted with music into “songs” from “Ode to Billy Joe” to “Good Stuff” to “Honey” they are (imo) poetry, sonnets sometimes, that tell a story with a really catchy tune thrown in for good measure (pun intended). It’s a style of writing that I love to imitate. On a personal note, I’m in the middle of an autoimmune flare of epic proportions right now so I’m feeling the need for a little Spoonie humor (bear with me I have anesthesia brain).

Ode to Prednisone*
(if you’re in a musical state of mind, sing to the tune of the theme from “Spiderman”)

Prednisone, oh Prednisone
you gave me cataracts
and several broken bones
Once again I’m stuck with you
’cause the doctors don’t know
what else to do
so here I am
back on the Prednisone

Prednisone, oh Prednisone
I put drugs in my lungs
but the wheeze ain’t gone
I’ve got drops going
in my eyes
and fat cells multiplying
on my thighs
oh crap I’m back on the Prednisone

Prednisone, oh Prednisone
the mood swings you cause
are bad enough alone
water on my ankles
and my knees
but for some reason
I still can’t pee
watch out, I’m back on the Predisone
watch out, I’m back on the Prednisoooooone

*Prednisone is an immunosuppressant medication in the drug class of corticosteroids commonly used to treat autoimmune disorders and many other diseases as well. The list of side effects is ominous and waaaay to long to list here so if your curious google it.

Til next time

~When the Devil whispers “you can’t withstand the storm”
the Spoonie Warrior screams back “F #$% OFF I’M ON PREDNISONE AND I’LL RIP YOUR FACE OFF!”  😉


10 thoughts on “Spoonie Life Lyric – an imitation lyric poem

    1. Thanks Bjorn, it’s just a short round to keep my immune system from attacking my new interoccular lense and stents. I’ve just been on them sooooo many times in my life that it quickly becomes laugh or cry, I choose to laugh.


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