Myths of the Mirror November writing challenge – Sorrow

non human POV challenge

Diana over at mythsofthemirror has a new challenge out for November:
Write from the point of view of a creature that doesn’t exist in the “real” world.

The Rules:
Don’t tell us what the creature is. Let us “experience” it through its thoughts and actions.
Write a killer opening line and first paragraph. Hook readers so they’ll click over to your site to finish reading.
Images are fine, but don’t include “the creature” in the image. The point is to “show” with your words.
Aim for under 500 words, but honor your muse.
Be creative. Keep it family-friendly.
And most of all, have fun.

Here is my offering

heroine blackdog1966 pixabay


Her hand on my neck is warm as she bows her head. The battle was difficult for one so young, so fragile. Her helmet falls to the ground as she buries her face in her hands. I listen to her silent weeping as fat teardrops plop to the ground. The other humans do not know, they cannot see.  It is just us here in this glade, quite and obscenely beautiful in the aftermath.

I know she hurts, deep inside. A wound others cannot imagine. The violence ravages her very soul as she weeps. They do not care for her. Not as I do, not as they should. She is my queen, my life, my love, my everything. If I fall in battle, I would defy the darkness, I would claw my way out of the pit of hell to fight once more by her side. All that I am, all that I will ever be is for her. In these quiet hours, in the deep and misty grey of dusk we sit in silence. What I would give for just a moment to speak the human tongue. She weeps, I would comfort her. Does she know how beautiful she is? How powerful she is? The fate of the world rests on such slim and tiny shoulders. She is more than flesh, more than spirit, she is moonlight and stardust, she is … sorrow. All the things I would tell her, if only I could.

Word count 245

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

13 thoughts on “Myths of the Mirror November writing challenge – Sorrow

  1. Phew. This gave me chills. Beautifully written, and I love the way so much of this was recognizable while the speaker remains a mystery. A wonderful hook. Thanks so much for taking up the prompt! I will reblog tomorrow. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You certainly got it going! It was fun coming up with a challenge that asked writers to apply their craft a little differently than they might usually do. The stories have been great. Thanks for participating!


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