SoCS and 31 Days of October — DRESSING UP

For the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt brought to us by Linda gives us the prompt of Dress. OK, I can work with that.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dress.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

One of the greatest joys of Halloween is that it’s the one day a year when grown ups get to play dress up without anybody staring. OK well maybe staring but like in a good way right?

Dressing Up

When as children we played
at dress up for a special day
or just because we sought to be
a princess or fairy flying free

With imagination and old dresses
and with make up made such messes
and caused our parents such distress
brushingthe tangles from our tresses

But it was all worthwhile I know
when putting on a favorite show
with applause and fame’s caress
come reminders of a childhood dress

Since it’s also 31 days of October Challenge time, let’s add:

Witch costume
from my polyvore collection

Spooky song for the party

and some quick and easy Halloween treats

Til next time ~Boo ~JPP

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