31 days of October – Monsters

31 days October

For the 31 days of October challenge, Laura has chosen “Monsters” so I thought I’d follow suit. Well …. sort of.

An oldie but a goodie – Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash

And a personal oldie too – originally appeared 6/28/18 here on WEWS

Monster Under My Bed

I saw the monster coming
lurking in the night
I cringed as he drew nearer
he was a fearful sight.

Made up he was of anger,
of sadness and of fear
I backed up screaming “go away!”
“I do not want you here.”

For a moment he sat in silence
then he said “where should I go?”
“For I am more a part of you
than you will ever know.”

“How would you know goodness
if you’ve never known the bad?
What joy would you find in laughter
if you never had been sad?”

“Would you still love the sunrise
without the darkness of the night?
And if you’ve never done a wrong
how could you do what’s right?”

I smiled and slowly shook my head
that monster’s just a part of me
nothing there for me to fear
no demon to be seen.

I no longer fear the monster
he lives inside my heart
because the darkness and the daylight
aren’t so very far apart.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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