The Dance – a Poetics Portrait

dancers gypsies
Photo from moderncolors on Pixabay

Ha is hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub and Ha bids us:

“This week, I am exhorting you all to write/create a profile/portrait in your verse. You can go about it in a variety of ways β€” you can write a descriptive piece about an interesting person you met today or profile a loved one (or perchance someone you don’t like at all) or think of an event involving one or multiple people and write about the things as they transpired with people in the focus or perhaps do a self-portrait. It is open to interpretation but there are certain tools that can enhance a profile/portrait, for instance, rich details, movements, sensory descriptions, quotes, et al. Choose any or all.”

The Dance

She walks gently across
the last grass of summer
bare feet barely bruising
the browning blades

The scarf around her waist
is festooned with tiny bells
that jingle and clamor
with the sway of her hips

We lay a blanket on the grass
and she takes out her cards
telling me my future
while I smile and laugh

By the light of her lanterns
we dance beneath the stars
to the ancient song of the trees
and the music of the winds

We dance for our sisters
both near and far away
those who cannot remember
a time when the swish and sway

of a woman’s hips and legs
were so profound and beautiful
that music was molded to it
and they called it the dance

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

10 thoughts on “The Dance – a Poetics Portrait

      1. Peaky Blinders is really good, and iirc at least one of the cast is a real Romani. So very cool you used to belly dance. Is it true that it is good for the stomach muscles? I’m guessing it is.

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