Ever Changing Sky

1.20.19 sunset waikiki
Sunset on Kauai

Merril is hosting at dVerse Poets Pub tonight for Quadrille Monday. She bids us consider “It’s afternoon here in New Jersey, where we’re having a warm and breezy October day, but maybe the sun is setting now in your part of the world? Perhaps you’re about to set down your work to pick up your poetic pen? Open your mind, what you think is not set in stone. Or is it?”

The Ever Changing Sky

Across the umber hills
I watch the changing sky
waiting for the sunset
to bring the cooling night
colors constantly change
from darkness into light
Seasons come and go
set sure upon their path
as daylight swiftly flows
and years go by too fast

word count 44

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


15 thoughts on “Ever Changing Sky

  1. That song from Fidler always leaves me so darned melancholy! Such truth. The days go by so fast and I find myself thinking “If this is my last summer, it’s beautiful” … “If this is my last family gathering, how lucky am I”. I guess old age teaches us to savor the things we have been taking for granted through the years!!

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  2. Lovely poem and photo. Time passing like this is bittersweet. I used to think “Sunrise, Sunset” was so schmaltzy–but as I get older, I think not so much. I used a quote from it over the summer after hearing a Fresh Air interview about the Yiddish version of the musical playing off Broadway.

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    1. Thank you so much. The Yiddish version must be fascinating, such a lyrical language. It has always rung true for me, my son is in his 40’s, is a grandfather himself and yet I still see “the little boy at play. I don’t remember growing older.” 🙂

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