Windows – a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 10.2.19

For Crimsons Creative Challenge # 47, Cris gives us the lovely picture to inspire. Here is my creative attempt, for everyone who has ever sat with duck tape and glitter glue gently putting their broken hearts and lives back together.

Windows – a Crimson Creative Challenge

Old woman with gnarled hands
gently caresses refracted light
shining through windows
of artistic delight

Long ago her hands held
shards of her broken heart
bitter greens and lifeless blues
bits and pieces torn apart

With courage and grace
she gently built a work of art
bringing the pieces back together
a stained glass window in her heart

People laugh at her art forms
cracks and gaps just aren’t right
The old woman laughs and says
“It’s the cracks that let in the light”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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