Stream of Consciousness Saturday – All Wrapped Up

3.31.19 Rose

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, we are encouraged to consider the words rap/wrap.

Sometimes life comes along and gently raps you on the forehead saying “pay attention.” Other times it grabes a 2×4 and shouts “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!” The later has been my life of late (you can read all about it here).

While I certainly have not anticipated or enjoyed the changes brought on by this crisis, let me tell you it has changed us in some ways for the better. You never appreciate something or someone quite so much as when you suddenly realize that you are in imminent danger of losing said person or thing. Suddenly that daily routine you took for granted becomes an acre of diamonds that you know will hold all the riches you could ever hope for, if you could just get it back.

The magical mundanities of daily life, those cherished brushes of hand and lip, the occasional frustration that comes with the comingling of lives, these too are precious.

My life has been a series of glorious triumphs and disastrous failures all wrapped up with the shining ribbon of hope.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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