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As some of you know I will be spending the next few days at our local hospital, making sure my precious hubby recovers from surgery. The Critical Care Unit (formerly known as ICU) is a grand place for contemplative personal reflection but a lousy place for blogging, so here for you is a poem I wrote last night, no links, no challenges, just a plain, simple bit of from-the-heart poetry.  Thanks so much for taking a moment to read it.


He grabs me in a choke hold
my chests constricts
and burns
until I feel my heart
exploding with FEAR

My throat clenches tighter
until I cannot breathe
tears flow
as I struggle in the deadly grip

My face contorts in agony
pain so deep is sears
my very soul
bandages frame a precious face
as I defy FEAR

Sound breaks free in a scream
that tears the throat
a single thought takes form
a cry that shakes the stars
“don’t leave me alone”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Were I beside you I’d hold your hand. As if is, I must content the need by sending my thoughts. Someone once told me, as you fear it, so shall it be, as you hope so shall it come. Therefore, I say, the day will go well

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