Bonkers and Honkers – a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 8.26.19 quackers

Bonkers and Honkers

Jessie sat near the pond watching the ducks and geese gliding idly through the still water. She had just settled herself when she noticed Sam and Riley, the school bullies, approaching with menacing intent.

“There she is little miss witchy pants,” taunted Sam while Riley nodded his head.

“Yeah …. hehehe witchy pants,” Riley was not too bright.

Jessie rose to leave when Riley caught her by the hair. Jessie cried out in pain and anger as she turned back to her tormentors. She saw a substantial hank of her red hair hanging from Riley’s hand.

Jessie felt her cheeks begin to burn, her chest tightened and her throat closed in absolute fury. “You stupid, stupid goose,” she shouted “that HURT!”

“Anseris aequabis” Jessie shouted with a flick of her wand. Suddenly there were two white geese honking excitedly at her. Jessie smiled and hurried away.

word count 146

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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