Spoonie Sunday – The Most Important 15 Minutes of the Day

pouring tea - pixabay
photo credit Pixabay

“I watch his hands
as he pours the tea
big hands, strong hands
hands that belie
the gentleness of their touch” ~JP Pearlman 2015

Have you ever considered the human touch? We all enjoy the hug of a loved one, holding a child or parent’s hand. It’s those tiny moments of physical intimacy, of touching, that remind us we are not alone in this big bad world that we are connected on a physical level.

Superhubs and I both have chronic, incurable, sometimes debilitating diseases (yeah plural) which often leave us short spooned. This is where what I’ve come to call “tactile therapy” come into play.

Touching is good for the mind, body, and soul. It’s great for reducing stress, calming an erratic heart beat, for improving emotional outlook. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of human touch on the nervous and autoimmune systems.

My first alarm clock goes off at 5:15 am. For the next 15 minutes, until the next alarm goes off, Superhubs and I lie in bed and just cuddle, spoon, whatever you want to call it. The warmth of those minutes sets the tone for the whole day. There’s much more “casual” touching, holding of hands, stroking of hair, quick kisses and, consequently, a little more feeling of control, a little less stress and that’s important to a couple of spoonies making the best of it.

So today, touch someone, a loved one, a child, a friend, a pet. And if today finds you completely alone, take your hand and place it on your opposite forearm. Now gently squeeze or lightly stroke, feel. Really feel, our skin is an amazing conductor of emotion and comfort. Remember that you a real, live human capable of giving and receiving that most precious gift, the gift of touch.


Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

5 thoughts on “Spoonie Sunday – The Most Important 15 Minutes of the Day

      1. Is it only the younger generation who are so free with their touchability? If so, is it that they’ve less inhibitions than we *oldsters*, or do they need more comforting?

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      2. I think the latter, I blame it on the distancing effect of the technology so commonly used today. It’s like they’re trying to make up for all the real life contact that they’re not getting while they carry on cyber relationships. I think they tend to over compensate. 🙂


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