Train to Everywhere – a Stream of Consciousness Tale


For Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “chew/choo.” Use one or both, any way you’d like. Have fun!

“Chugachuga choo choo,” little Tommy shuffled up and down the aisle of the passenger car, playing train. His mother watched helplessly from her seat, with her infant daughter. The few other passengers were kindly tolerant of the boy’s antics. When he finally returned to his seat, his mother patiently dusted off his short pants and buckle strap boots. Adjusting her own ruffled cuffs, she reached into the basket she carried and produced a snack for her son.

“Now don’t just swallow it whole Tommy, take your time and chew your food.” The silly toddler had a habit of just inhaling his food and he had choked more than once. A peculiar feeling came over her, had he choked? Where were they going?

Tommy’s mother turned to the trolley attendant and asked quietly “excuse me, I seem to be a bit confused, where is this train headed.”

“Anywhere and everywhere and nowhere.” The attendant smiled in reply, “tea from the trolley luv?” Tommy’s mother shook her head, fear brimming behind her eyes.

The trolley attendant patted her hand “you’re new aren’t you dear? Let’s see your ticket shall we? Ahhh, says here you’re heading to Santa Fe.”

“Santa Fe? My mother lived in Santa Fe.”

“Well then, a trip to Grandma’s it is.”

The attendant started to walk away but Tommy’s mother grabbed her arm “My mother DIED in Santa Fe, years ago,” confusion and fear clear in her voice.

“Of course dearie, she’s a ghost. We’re all ghosts here. Oh my you are new aren’t you, this is the Silver Phantom,” at the look of incomprehension she continued, “it’s a ghost train.”

word count 271

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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