The Rescue – a Wordle Story

wordle 6.23.19

The Rescue – a Wordle Story

They crept on silent feet, Star’s veil shielding them from evil eyes. The trip had been long and tiring for Star’s little company, but sleep would have to wait. They made their stealthy way along the border of the enemy camp.

In the prisoner cells, Faelinn lay curled on the floor, her ragged wings tucked tightly to her back in a protective ball. Theo was chained nearby spread eagle fashion. The techno components of his arm and chest glowed through the thin overlay of flesh with an eerie luminescence.

Between the Company and their friends lay cages filled with Peantyth. The vicious beasts resembled a cross between wyvern and jackal with dark emaciated bodies and bat-like wings. The stench from the Peantyth was overwhelming and Star wondered if soap would ever wash it away.

Her friends looked to her, she could not deny their faith nor pause to ponder why they had it. As Gwren and Noemei took up flanking positions, Star dropped the veil, planted her staff and shouted “STELLA MORTANTIUM,” as the beam of starlight exploded from the crystal end of her staff.

word count 187

Written for the Sunday Whirl’s Wordle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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