Brave Men Don’t Slay Dragons – a Quadrille

affairs of dragons

for Quadrille Monday on dVerse Poets

Just pen us a poem of precisely 44 words, not counting the title, and using some form of the word dragon. Then drag your cursor on over to visit some of the fieriest poets on the ’net. And as the week drags on, we’re not done yet! The Quadrille prompt is up all week, and multiple posts (perhaps two-headed beasties?) are welcome. And hey, drop us a hello in the comments below. Maybe let me know who’s your favorite dragon? (Game of Thrones? Tolkien? Rowling? Or maybe Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon?)

The warrior drew his sword
advancing on the beast
a child blocked his path
not frightened in the least
The warrior laid his weapons down and
said with open hands resting beside him
“Brave men don’t slay dragons child
brave men … ride them.”

word count 44

Inspired by Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

16 thoughts on “Brave Men Don’t Slay Dragons – a Quadrille

  1. I read at least one of those Pern books and probably more way back when the first one came out. I remember it/them fondly. I’m guessing you like the Game of Thrones dragons?

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      1. I remember watching that first episode and being so shocked I stopped right there. Why I went back and started it again is a mystery, but once I got hooked (yes, it is like a drug!) I had to keep watching. It’s a guilty pleasure because so many bad things happen in the show.

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