Witchly Curfew

5.10.19 3TC

“Curfew was three hours ago!” Nokoa’s voice cut like a knife through the misty silence of deep night.

Etheria froze with her hand on the lion’s head. Drat, she was caught. Now Nokoa was bound to turn her in to the Head Witchtress. “How did you know?” Etheria demanded.

“Oh please,” drawled Nokoa “a blood moon, Jupiter ascending, where else would you be but dancing in the meadow.” Nokoa smiled slightly at the younger witch “I was a freshwitch myself once now come on let’s get you some clothes before we both get caught.”

Etheria furrowed her golden brow in confusion. What trickery was this? Nokoa had never been kind to her before? But the older witch led her to a portal and with a wave of her wand, sent Etheria to her room, all undetected and fully clothed.

Nokoa frowned a bit after Etheria’s departure. Silly little witch, so young, so innocent. How long could Nokoa protect her without being discovered. “As long as I must” she answered her own question as she slipped silently into her wolf form and bounded off into the mist.

word count 186

For thehauntedwordsmith May 10 daily prompts
Prompt A (genre challenge): Witches (horror sub genre)
Prompt B (sentence starter): “Curfew was three hours ago!”
Prompt C (photo): see above

Til next time ~Always dance under a blood moon … ~JPP

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