The Dead Lands

FFFC 5.7.19

The Dead Lands

The stacks still spewed their poison into the air, the barrels of deadly poisons lay unbroken on the ground. A beleaguered Lady Earth had ripped away her own skin to be rid of the invading humans, leaving naught but scorched rock. The Dead Lands they were called.

Star sought to change that, to set right the imbalance that had festered in this once serene land. As the premier Eco Elemental in the land, it fell to her to fix this. Star sat upon the scorched earth, felt the pain and anger buried there. Energy poured out of her as she searched for the block that kept magic from repairing this land. She went deeper still, reaching down into her own source of magic pulling it from her very soul heedless of the warnings of her companions. Star knew she should stop, giving too much of her own magic life force would have dire consequences, but the poor land was so damaged and hurt and yet anxious to live again. THERE! The block, with a wave of love and empathy Star broke the restraints and slowly began to lead the magic back to the surface.

Star collapsed, utterly drained, falling onto rapidly greening grass.

word count 203

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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