Friday Follies – ramblings from a java junkie

queenstown 6

“Coffee, the sparkly, badass, magical unicorn of morning.” ~Me this morning

Coffee is actually a very important part of my self care program. I realize not everyone can handle caffeine and I’m not judging (I’m looking at you morning tea drinkers) but when I’m battling fatigue it’s my go to drug of choice.

Particularly times like oh, say, right now when I’ve driven myself to the point of near collapse and the fatigue is kicking my butt out of sheer spite. It’s not that I need coffee, it’s just that I like having that burst of energy to do important things. You know, things. Things like breathing and having a pulse, putting on pants, and yes going to work. This is why Coffee is my Sparkly Badass Magical Unicorn.

For Friday Follies

Til tomorrow, have a cuppa. ~Peace ~JPP

2 thoughts on “Friday Follies – ramblings from a java junkie

  1. I am bouncing around your site because you have been so creative and busy since I visited last and there are so many choices and virtual links to leapfrog around on. Fun. Great work! I will return here again soon. Right now, I need coffee but it is time to sleep and coffee now would be a conflict of interest. Anyway, I was previously on your post showing a photo of Hell in Queenstown, NZ. New Zealanders sometimes call their beautiful land “God’s-own” (or should that be spelled God-Zone), and if, on a sunny day, you share a photo of the Remarkables from across the aqua blue lake that Queenstown is fronted by, your viewers would be justified in wondering how any gathering spot in Queenstown could be called Hell. It is probably one of the most heavenly spots on the planet. Best regards.


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