The Forest Path

CCC 4.11.19

The Forest Path

Lillith pushed her little cart down the stone path. It could hardly even be called that now, the old stones were broken and cumbled, it was little more than a water run off through the darkest part of the forest. Nobody used it these days. Nobody but Lillith. She reached down to touch the boy’s forehead, still hot. He had been asleep far too long now. The fever had come on so quickly that it frightened her.

They lived nearby.  Two orphans, in a ramshackle shed but they made a good life together. They had been together since Duarin was seven. Lillith had been nine at the time and seemed so much older. He was the closest thing to family Lillith could remember.

Lillith looked around at the growing shadows and shuddered unconsciously. The Old Witch lived at the end of this hobbled lane. She was their only hope.

Word count 149

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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