The Feast

FFFC 4.9.19

Xerina surveyed the dining hall. All was ready, the buntings draped, chairs assembled. Xerina was not entirely pleased with the look, it was some how cheap and tawdry with the folding chairs and tables, no matter how expensive.

Oh well, it would suffice. And the stone floor would be easy to clean afterward. The guests had been lured with the promise of exotic foods and even more exotic entertainment. She smoothed the front of her simple white gown. The satin slid beneath her hands, cool and calm. She felt her demon begin to rise, she hungered. “Just a little while more my love” she whispered to herself.

Soon they would arrive, the vampires with their pale skin and fierce eyes and the other succubi with the smiles that could melt plate steel and seductive airs to make minds melt. Ahhh yes the feeding would be splendid tonight!

word count 147

For Fandangos Flash Fiction Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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