A Fabrication – a stream of consciousness exercise

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fab.” Use it as a word or find a word beginning with “fab.” As always, use any way you’d like. Have fun!

A Fabrication

The girl is a witch! She must be purified by fire,” the old magistrate’s voice rang throughout the square.

What are the charges?” The counselor asked her question defiantly.

Wanton behavior!” The magistrate shouted, holding his fist in the air, signaling his goons to seize Bethshera.

Counselor Getria cried out in equally loud tones “rubbish, that is utter fabrication, the child is beautiful yes, but the lust directed at her is yours NOT hers.” She gestured to every man in the village.

Bethshera struggled vainly against the half dozen strong arms that restrained her. They dragged her to the post and bound her to it. Counselor Getria rushed forward pushing the men away and frantically grabbing the brush and hurling it away from the pile, until one of the men clubbed her on the head and tossed her limp form aside.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” A voice boomed out. The villagers all looked at Bethshera in sudden alarm. “You want fire? I’ll give you fire!” Without warning, the wood gathered beneath her feet burst into flame, Bethshera did not scream or seem to be bothered by the flames. The ropes that bound her broke and she walked defiantly down from the pyre. As she walked to Getria, she shrugged and from her back emerged two huge wings made of pure fire. She fanned them slightly as she knelt beside her friend.

“I knew you weren’t a witch,” Getria whispered to her. “I never guessed a fire fairy.”

Word count 246

For Stream of Consciousness Saturday brought to us by lindaghill.com

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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