A Thorny Problem

friday fictioneers 4.4.19

A Thorny Problem

Shara’s forest was concealed by a veil and booby trapped. Although most of the Pure Human Revolution League walked right by her little section of forest, somehow Eldbar and Regvat had stumbled right through the veil. She smiled as they became hopelessly entangled in thorny branches.

“Oye Eldbar, we’re so humped. I cannot move at all.”

“Shhhh, you dolt, we’d be a right tasty meal for some snagnasty stuck the way we are.”

Reluctantly, Shara drew the thorns back enough to allow the two to escape and sent her tiny fae friends to make sure they made no wrong turns.

Word count 100

For Friday Fictioneers

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

4 thoughts on “A Thorny Problem

      1. Roflmao we still use it in the trucking industry. The folks who hang around the docks and, for a fee, will off load the merchandise, used to be called humpers, that’s been changed to mostly “lumpers” now. When we would load baled hay onto a truck from the fields, you grap the bales with a hook and toss it onto the truck bed, it was known as humping hay. The way slang changes over the years amuses me to no end! Thanks for the chuckle.

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