A Lady’s Jewelry

50 word thrs 3.29.19

For 50 Word Thursday brought to us this week by talesfromthemindofkristian.  

Flash fiction in increments of 50 words, inspired by photo and words:
How could anyone be tired of London?” – Bizarre London by David Long

A Lady’s Jewelry

How could anyone grow tired of London? Tonight’s symphony was an epic event, attended by diplomats and royalty. The mission was simple, kill Governor Tuck … quietly.

Security was tight and Solanj carried no visible weapon, no metal, not even her garrote. Her skin-tight, backless gown insured that few people would be looking at her face, and no one questioned a lady’s jewelry.

During a round of particularly thunderous applause, Solanj loaded the hollow tube with a poisoned nano-dart from her fabric bracelet and launched the tiny deadly missile. The applause continued as Governor Tuck slumped back into his seat.

Word count 100

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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