The Axle Box Vortex

CCC 3.27.19

Chief Inspector Gadgot was puzzled. Six apparent suicides had appeared on these tracks. The Medical Examiner had found no cause of death.

“Hell Liam, these men should get up and walk for all I’ve found,” the examiner was as puzzled as he.

There had been no train on these tracks in months. So what was it about this section of track that attracted suicidal loonies? He walked the track, up and down watching the sides of the track, watching the ground; looking for some sign, some clue to what happened here.

That’s when he noticed the shimmer. Just there, in the brick wall that housed the axle box. A world portal! He was sure of it. Some lousy other-worlder thought they could dump their victims in his world? Not bloody likely! Slowly the inspector shoved his hand through the portal, pulled his pistol and whoosh ….

word count 146

For Crimsons Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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