Spoonie Sunday – Life Tools – Escapist Coloring

3.23.19 spoon sun 1 (2)

I’m spending some time examining the concept of a life tool box, as outlined by Chris of Cee-chris.com 

This week has been a bit “off” for me. I had minor surgery and, while certainly not serious, required general anesthesia which is always hard on my system. I’m recovering just fine thanks, so this week has been a lot about ‘taking it easy’.

As spoonies, we all have those times when we have to rest, sometimes more than we’d like. When that happens, I break back into that “Life Tool Box” and pull out another of my favorite life-coping tools. Coloring. Yep, a coloring page and some crayons, earbuds and some chillin’ music and I’m good. I can sit and relax, let my mind wander, or go blank. I practice a type of “meditative coloring” where I just blank my mind and color, letting the shades and designs on the paper and the tones in the music soothe me.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that I have to keep “mixing it up” to keep myself going. I trade off my quiet time between coloring, a little questing via “Torchlight II”, reading, and Pinterest. I have the attention span of a flea and too much of the same thing loses it’s calming affect pretty quickly.

This is my March Escapist Coloring Challenge piece.

3.23.19 Spoon Sun 2

So spoonies, remember to build some down time into you day, some “shush my brain” time to just chill. Because after all, spoonie overload happens, coloring helps.

Til next time ~May the spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP

8 thoughts on “Spoonie Sunday – Life Tools – Escapist Coloring

    1. It’s so funny, I don’t want to think about how long I’ve had this big “grown up” coloring book and not used it. Then I found the Escapist Coloring challenge and it was like “duh” it has now become one of my favorite zen activities. 😉

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  1. May the spoons be in your favor, also. Very nice coloring piece. When my hands cooperate, I love to relax with my markers, some stamped images, and try to be creative, too. It helps. A lot. The music is beautiful, too. Is it bad that sometimes I might blast some old school ACDC, a bit of Foreigner, and Little River Band? It’s my spoonie kick butt soundtrack. Keep kicking it. I hope you feel better soon. Dawn

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    1. Thanks so much Dawn, I use a whole lot of Foreigner on my “move it” play list too. It’s so cool how different types of music can get my body to do different things, move, relax, sleep. In ancient chinese characters the glyphs for music and healing are very similar. 😉

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