For the March Speculative Fiction Prompt 

March speculative fiction


Noemei opened her eyes to her squalid surroundings. The stench of sweat and excrement mixed with something worse, the smell of fear. The air was ripe with it. Slavers! Her Island village had been raided. She’d been thrown in the hold of a ship with the other children and what adults were left after the massacre. She brusquely wiped a tear away. This would not do, her mother had told her to get away and get away she would.

Noemei pushed her way through the sniveling crowd to one of the many round openings in the side of the ship. Without a second thought, she slipped through and into the icy water with a small splash. She reached the shore shivering. An old abandoned building half stood to her right, providing shelter from the chilling wind. The collapsed side of the building gave her a view of the ancient ruins and the black moon.

“Where’d she get to Eggar?”

Noemei heard the rough voices of the slavers, close.

“We should leave her be, the city’ll get her” grunted Eggar. “You know she kilt ol’ Griff.”

Eggar got a smack on the head, “eh ya daft bugger. Griff was old, with a bad ticker, that’s what kilt him, not that scrawny slip of a girl,” the slaver Boss contended.

Noemei waited, she took a subtle fighting stance, weight balanced, hands flexed into fists, drawing her power to the focal points. Eggar made a grab for her arm but Noemei countered by bending at the elbow so his grab missed and brought her opposite palm to clamp hard around his wrist. A jolting blue energy leapt from Noemei’s hand. ZZZAAAPPP! Electrocurrent jarred Eggar like a tiny lightning bolt, dropping the big man.

The men were stronger, but Noemei had youth, agility and electomorph powers on her side. Noemei had been training with her electric powers since she was five and was likely the most lethal individual in her village. Only the surprise of her mother’s scream had enabled the slavers to capture her.

She channeled the power coursing through her veins. Boss charged her flailing like a drunken sailor. She blocked his first three wild blows as he tried to force her back into a corner. Noemei landed a leaping roundhouse kick straight to his jaw, snapping his head left and followed up with a electocharged fist to the solar plexus. Boss stumbled back, grabbing at his chest. Boss fell and did not get up.

Eggar watched Boss fall in disbelief. He jumped up and tried to make a grab for Noemei but she sprang into a back flip, bringing her small foot up directly into Eggar’s nethers. Eggar doubled over and fell into a fetal position gasping. Noemei stood over him for a moment.

“I am Noemei of the Island clan. I am an Electomorph, my touch is death should I choose it.” She spoke with regal authority before fetching Eggar a glancing blow to the head, just enough voltage to leave him unconscious for several hours. Then she left the small shelter and walked toward the black moon and her destiny.

word count 522

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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