Inch by Inch – A Plushie Tale

50 word thrs 3.7.19

There was no way across the yard except the clothesline. Froggie shimmied up the pole and carefully grasping the line, inch by inch he crept. Stealthily he made his way across.

Until suddenly, wham, he bumped his head. “Hey! What are you doing here?” Frog asked the Plushie Panther who was crossing the same line, heading in the opposite direction. “Move out of my way!” Froggie yelled.

“No way, you move” Panther shouted back.

As the struggle ensued, both of them fell to the yard below. Frog shook the dirt from himself, just in time to see the sun start to rise.

“Marybeth!” Mother called, “come get your toys out of the yard before the sprinklers come on.”

“Mummie, I’m sure I put them away last night, how did they end up in the middle of the yard?” Marybeth dutifully gathered her toys and placed them back in their box.

word count 150

for 50 word Thursday, hosted this week by Teresa at

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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