Spoonie Saturday My Life Tool Box

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Chris posted a few days ago something that really got me thinking. OK, OK, a LOT of what Chris posts gets me thinking but this one in particular got me thinking about spoonies and coping and life tools and well, the Life Tool Box. It is such a cool concept, click on over to Chris’ site and give the original a read, you won’t regret it.

To me, a Life Tool Box, is comprised of all those “tools” that we use when life starts to go wonky, and in all honesty, as a Spoonie, life goes wonky pretty darned often. I have lots and lots of life tools.

I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite tools starting with … *insert drum roll* Books! Books! Glorious Books! OK, for today, a book. Yes, I’m a reader, an avid reader. I read for many good reasons and for no good reason at all. Books have been my companions throughout my life and a few have really changed my life.

A few years after I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, I reached that point that so many Spoonies reach when you really start to wonder, “is that all there is to life?” The daily battle to maintain some sort of order, some sort of, well… life becomes a grind, it wears you down. I can’t remember how I came across this book but I really believe it helped save me. It certainly helped transform me.

Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach
This book came to me late in life, and exactly when it was supposed to. A series of 366 short essays on the six principles of Simple Abundance, it’s a game changer. The principles of Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy are explored and interwoven with other tools like the daily dialogue and the illustrated discovery journal that lead you to explore and find your most authentic self. Imagine for a moment that you’ve spent your life waiting for your Fairy Godmother to show up and make your life the way it’s supposed to be, to make things good. Now imagine finding out that your Fairy Godmother is, in fact, the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. And that the “good life” and everything you need or desire, you already have. Mind blower right?

I read through the book and practices over the course of a year (which is how it’s written) and at the end of that year I had learned so much about myself. I became not only accepting of my diseases but actually grateful for them. I get a lot of flack for that statement, that I’m grateful for an autoimmune disease, but I truly am. I will never again be the same person I was and that’s not just OK, it’s great. I have no desire to be that woman again. I love the woman I am. Which is a good thing because I went through a heck of a lot to become her. That’s the gift that I received from the Simple Abundance program.

I go through the book in full every few years. When things get a little wonky, I break it out and read a few passages at random, maybe a month or two of daily reading and it sets me back on the right path. This rates it as the most important tool in my Life Tool Box. It is what one might call an Everyday Epiphany.

Til next time ~May the spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP

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